How to Install Daebak Flooring

How to Install Daebak Flooring


To begin with, you should leave your Daebak flooring for at least 48 hours after installation for advance acclimation.  When installing the flooring mix pieces from different boxes so as to blend the patterns and dye lots. This is crucial to making the appearance uniform.

In addition to that, you can also install Daebak flooring over an existing one, if the layer is not that thick.

Follow these steps to install Daebak flooring in your home:

Step one

Get rid of all the baseboards before you install the Daebak flooring.

Step Two

The next step is to level the subfloor before you install the Daebak flooring. But first of all, you should clean your subfloor and let it dry first. When leveling the floor, make sure it is within 3/16 inch per 10 feet. For high spots, use concrete or wood and for low spots, use self-leveler. Do not sand Daebak flooring because it may have some elements of asbestos. Note that you can get purchase the self-leveler either in pre-mixed or powder form, and it is used to make a smooth flats surfaces when flooring. The product is as strong as a concrete. You should be act quicker because self-leveler dries faster.

Plan the floor

The first step is to make a starting line square in your room.

Step one

Illustrate the center of your room with a chalk line.  Determine the center of each wall and mark it well with a chalk line.

Step two

Determine the distance between the center and the starting wall and deduct 5/16 inch expansion space. Once you’re done mark the distance at the end of each wall.

Step three

Lastly, determine the width of the last row, and cut about a third of the piece off the first row for both starting and finish rows.

For the first row, cut the tongue of the Daebak piece with a box cutter. Remove the tongue of the first row with a utility knife. Now place the first piece on the starting line. The cut side should face towards the wall while noting the expansion gap.

For the second piece, hold it at an angle to make a connection with the first Daebak piece. Fold it down and press it into place.

Once you are done placing the second piece, score and snap the Daebak pieces with square. Do not throw away the excess pieces, instead, use them to start rows, but if the pieces are 6 inches long.

From the second row onwards, you should stagger the joints, at least 6 inches. Measure the pieces and cut them accordingly.

The next step is to create a connection between the Daebak planks during the flooring procedure.  Put the tongue of the first piece in the groove of the first plank of the first row, adjust it so that it fits together. After that connect all the short end pieces of the first Daebak planks. Make sure you connect the long end and not the short ends.  You will know it is perfect when they lock easily.

Continue to install the planks, but you should make sure that all the joints are staggered by 6 inches, and also don’t forget to consider the expansion gap.

In the process, take a piece of the Daebak plank and bend it so that it slips under the jamb of your door. After that, use a tapping block or a pull bar to lock the joints if needed be.

Peeling and sticking the Daebak flooring

Remove the plank flooring that are stuck on the subfloor. The layout and preparation of the floor are the same for other types of hardwood flooring.  To install all the pieces, remove the adhesive backing off the pieces and stick them on the subfloor.

Transition pieces in place between the floors, and make sure the baseboard in place. Before you add the transitions, you should first of all get rid of the baseboards and add some extra trim pieces such as shoe molding, if necessary. Lastly, make sure you nail the trim planks to the wall and not on the floor. This will make sure they remain in place.

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen

Giving away a branded ballpoint pen is not exactly an earth-shattering or revolutionary marketing strategy. It is far from it. People have been giving away pens at conventions, product demonstrations, product launches, corporate seminars and public open houses for a very long time. This is nothing new. People have seen it before. It’s too easy to believe that giving away ball point pen is not going to have much of an impact on your overall corporate branding campaign. People are more than welcome to think that but companies continue to give away ball point pens for a reason. There has to be a method to the madness.

The hows and whys of corporate pen giveaways

Somehow, someway it works. Otherwise, people will not engage in this type of behavior. Some giveaway programs get much better results than others because they’ve taken affirmative steps to turbocharge their ball point pen giveaways’ overall impact on their target audience. Many companies spend quite a pretty penny year after year giving out ballpoint pens with their logo on it. They’re not doing this because they have nothing else better to do or nothing else better to spend their precious corporate resources on. They are getting some sort of result.

If you want to achieve the same positive results, pay attention to the following seven tips. They’ll help you maximize the overall branding value you get from each and every ball point pen you give away as part of your corporate branding strategy.


Stand out color

The whole point of branding is to get your brand noticed. It’s going to be very hard for your company’s logo or marketing message to be noticed on the ball point pens you’re giving away if the pens have a very bland or easy forgettable color. You need to pick a ball point pen which has a color that stands out. This can be a solid color or it can be a combination of colors. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is when people look at the general direction of the pen, the pen is easy to spot.

Distinctive dimensions

One of the most successful corporate give away programs involving ball point pens launched recently is the one rolled out by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. As part of their Viagra marketing campaign, they give out pens that are a foot long and very thick. Those pens are very easy to remember and quite useful. Doctors and other recipients who receive those pens no longer have to worry about misplacing their pens because the pen stands out. Thanks to its massive size. You don’t have to go to this extreme but you need to be aware that the pen’s dimensions do play a big role in ensuring that the branding material the pen carries is noticed.

Tasteful branding

While it’s too easy to go overboard as far as color and size go, you also need to make sure that your branding decision remains tasteful. Your corporate brand carries with it all sorts of values. You don’t want to water down or destroy those values because you’re just trying to get eyeballs. There has to be a healthy balance between the ball point pen’s ability to attract eyeballs and the list of corporate values the item carries with it.

High functional quality

When you’re giving away ball point pens, make sure they’re useful. This probably strikes you as common sense but you’d be surprised as to how many corporations spend tons of dollars on pens that are only good for a few weeks. Those are worthless because once your recipient is no longer able to use the pen, its branding power goes down the toilet. In many cases, the pen is thrown away. Make sure that the pen not only works but can be used for a long period of time. Understand that every time your recipient uses the item, you are given a branding opportunity. Multiply this by thousands of times. Even if you convert a tiny fraction of those interactions, your company stands to gain quite a bit of money.

Long product life

Not only should you shoot for repeated use of the product but you should make sure that your ball point pen giveaway has a long life. The longer the life of the unit, the more branding interactions the recipient would have with your logo, slogan, model or website address. If you’ve given the pen to enough people and they use it enough times and each pen lasts a long time, whatever money your company spent on the corporate branding campaign is going to be eclipsed many times over by the amount of repeat or new orders your company gets from all the pens it has given out.

Low cost, high quality

This might seem like you’re asking for the moon and in some quarters it might be but the value of your ball point pen branding campaign rides primarily on the quality of the pen. People are going to throw away cheap pens. They’re not even going to look at them. They’ll just pick up the pen at the convention because they’re trying to be polite. Other than that, don’t expect much value from such cheap pens. This is why it’s really important for you to aim for the seemingly impossible combination of low cost and high quality. Thanks to global manufacturing in China and elsewhere, the old dream of finding low-cost, high-quality ball point pens is now a reality. Keep doing your research. Eventually, you’ll find a supplier that will enable you to get cheap pens you can distribute on a massive scale to maximize your corporate branding campaign’s effectiveness.

High perception of quality

Just because something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be perceived as cheap. There are certain ball point pen designs that make the pen look very expensive. It turns out that you only paid a few cents for each unit. It doesn’t really matter how much you actually paid. What matters is the perception of value as well as the actual quality that the people enjoyed from the product. Make sure the ball point pen giveaway model has a high perceptional quality so the more of your recipients would use it for a much longer time.

Christmas is coming, and USB is our best choice

Christmas is coming, and USB is our best choice

0Promotional gifts are one of the best tools that can be used for enabling business promotions and can be considered to be one of the best ways to progress your business. Today is an era of digital world and companies are looking for continuous growth by using different mediums. Corporate gifts are one of the easiest and convenient ways to create brand awareness of the company. What can be difficult about corporate gifts is to decide what sort of gift it would be. Choosing the right kind of gift can be one of the most challenging tasks for business professional. There are number of options available to choose as a corporate gift and deciding what gift could be useful and convenient to use is the most important decision that every company has to make. Finding the right kind of gift for the right individuals can be a frustrating task for most individuals. Choosing a wrong gift can create a negative effect of your company. Therefore one needs to choose a wise corporate gift.

Criteria for choosing corporate gifts

One of the main purposes of choosing a corporate gift is to create a brand value and for marketing purpose. Companies can pick any corporate gift for practical purposes and can put it in a list of marketing and promotional methods. These are not just a waste item but quite useful item. It can be used by anyone who owns a computer or laptop. It also creates a positive impression about the company.

Customized USB drive – Best gifting option

One of the most popular corporate gifts to choose is a USB drive. There can be various reasons why it is a useful gifting option for most corporate companies and some of the reasons are described below.

  1. Utility gift- USB drives are still considered to be a useful item as one can transfer data files from one system to another. USB drive can store large amount of data depending on its storage capacity. It is available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacity and can be used for taking backup of system files. The response rate and speed of USB drive is quite fast and can be used to store large files quickly.
  2. Portable and handy gifting option- USB drives are not available in bulk and can be used or carried around in portable manner conveniently. One can carry a USB drive easily inside his pocket and can be kept anywhere. At the same time, you can connect a wire or carry it in your wrist band or along with tags in order to prevent from getting lost.
  3. Easy to personalize- USB drives can be customized easily by engraving them with company logo, name or any other meaningful message. Putting your company name or logo on the drive will help a company create a brand value and can also be used as way by which company name can be remembered among employees or clients it is gifted.

USB drives are available in different sizes and shapes. These also differ in terms of memory size. The greater the size of a USB driver, costlier will be its price. Standard sizes are mostly available with 4GB data capacity as these are most commonly used. The drives are also available in different designs depending on the requirement. If the company has got a good budget then they can create a customized shape and theme of USB drives that suites your company design and motto. The better you gift, the more impact it will have. At the same time, gifting a high storage USB drive of around 16GB will make it a better gifting option because most employees and clients will definitely use it for various purposes. It is a wonderful, utility and inexpensive gifting item by which companies can promote their brand value, company or product.


USB drive is one of the most popular gifting items not just for as a corporate gift but also as a personal gift to anyone you think about. It is a high tech item which is always in great demand mainly for its utility in transferring data from one computer to another. It is affordable, useful, and easy to carry gifting option that can be easily imprinted or engraved with company logo.

Personalized Lanyards

Personalized Lanyards

Are you planning at the different ways by which they can improve interaction and communication among clients and associates? Are you looking for lanyard to carry items such as identification cards or keys? Lanyards are quite useful way to way to promote your company or brand value among other people. Lanyards are quite commonly used for strap worn around the neck, wrist and shoulder area to carry various kinds of items.

One of the best ways to do is by choosing lanyards. It can be used as one of the best marketing tools these days. One of the major benefits of choosing a lanyard is large number of people are used in places such as airports, hospitals and schools etc. are continuous visits of people from all classes. Some of the benefits of lanyards are given below.

Practical in Nature

lanyard 2cm heat transfer print

There are various ways to promote your brand. Lanyards are used for promotional purposes. It can be used to hold various things such as flash drives and cards so a person can keep it inside pocket as well. Many companies use lanyards as one of the promotional products and becoming quite frequently used these days. It can be used for the free give ways to various other consumers and for advertisement power. The advertising power of these lanyards can be used to enhance by attaching different clips and hooks. Along with the lanyards, one can use different range of products and used for holding purposes. Giveaways are they are much popular as it is also proved by researches and keep the things in use. One can use different kinds of products for this purpose.

Giving people awareness about the brand

There can be various ways by which one can promote their business. Lanyards are another way by which one can create awareness about the brand and also helps for other purposes. As you are able to print customized pattern and design on the lanyards and you can use it for advertising as well. You can make use of the lanyards and create a strong impact among people in various gatherings; you can make use of lanyards for gathering attention and interests of customers. A lanyard always looks catchy if it has embedded design of customer logo and design with message of company.

Inexpensive means of advertisement

Unlike other ways to promote your brand value, lanyards are one of the cheaper and beneficial ways to promote the company. If you are looking to purchase products at wholesale price, you can look for low priced options, colorful designs and also there are it is much easier for the company to purchase it from any of the seller. The best thing about getting a lanyard customized is that you can choose the type of design you wish to imprint on it. You can even have name of employee or client on top of a lanyard and can use this gift as a gratitude gift.

Best way to approach wide range of audience

It is one of the great ways to give away the lanyards of your company to the people who will be looking to attend this event. It will be quite useful for those who are interested in buying. A lanyard can have generic or basic information about the company and can also be a great step for publicity to larger audience. If you or customer likes the lanyard then he/she can wear it or use it during specific meetings or interaction. This can help you build company image.

Helps generate More Revenue

Not many companies believe the same way that lanyards can help boost your company sales and revenue. There is a lot of competition among companies and it will be good to make name of your company. It will be good to make a name amongst people quickly and avoid lagging behind others. You will not feel the difficulty in pointing out the difference in sales but still it can help your company in terms of creating a positive impact in terms of marketing and overall brand value. Using lanyards for creating brand awareness of your company and use it for generic carrying purposes is quite prominent use these days. You can choose a customized lanyard online by choosing any of the options

USB Drive as Corporate Gift

USB Drive as Corporate Gift

Gifts are one of the mediums by which company can show gratitude to their employees or clients. It is also a way by which company can create awareness among people about their logo, ideas and brand value. Among the gifting ideas, personalized USB drives having embedded company logo, name and message is one of the most ideal way by which companies can promote their brand. Gifts such as personalized USB drive can open door to various possibilities and capture potential corporate clients while it also helps in retaining your existing clients and employees.

Why companies should give corporate gifts?

Many companies have taken the attitude that gifts are essential ways by which company can be constantly remembered by clients and employees about the brand value and ideas. It is not just an investment but also helps in increasing awareness among clients. In today’s competitive corporate environment, it is important to keep the clients and employees happy. Even rival companies try to explore different ways by which they can promote their products and services. Corporate gifts are a way by business companies can remind others in the corporate world that they exist and that they care about their associations with clients and employees. These days showing gratitude in business is just another way by which marketing can be done.

How personalized USB can be a great gifting item?

A personalized USB drive is considered to be an essential way to promote your business functionalities. Personalized USB drive is one of the way by which it will come in handy for anyone who finds that they have to store the data and for transferring data for specific purposes. There can be various valid reasons why hard drive can be one of most convenient and useful option for gifting. USB drive is a small item and can be easily used or carried around. It is an effective gifting item. When you are planning to gift an item, then USB drive is an effective corporate gift and can be used by anyone anytime one wants to transfer data from one device to another. Those clients or employees who receive the USB drive will be always happy as it will be one of the practical and compact device that will be useful for both home and office purposes. At office or home, if you are looking for transferring data from one system to another, you can do it with the help of USB drive. It can give a lot of exposure to your company and also creates a good brand value. Major MNC and leading corporate houses look for different mediums by which they can create a strong brand of their company. Gifting useful items such as personalized USB drive can be a thoughtful option.

With your company logo, name and message printed on the USB drive, it will give a strong impact on those who will be gifted this amazing drive. Because of this effective gift, you can promote your business and also can use it as a functional item at your workplace. Companies can use this amazing gifting option as a way by which they can send a message of gratitude among associates. Business applications are getting rapidly developed and also changing a lot. Gifts are not just purely a medium to lure your associates but also a useful way by which company can share a strong bond among employee and clients. Various options are available to gift and personalized / customized options such as company t-shirts, mugs and USB drive are some of the most prominent gifting options. USB drive is a useful option to gift especially when you are using looking to gift a utility item. Professionals can carry a USB drive and maximize the use of time by helping them transfer necessary files or documents from one computer to another. It is an effective everyday item that will help drive your marketing plans to exceptional heights.


In ever changing technology, USB drives can be one of the most perfect gifts to captivate your business clients and employees of any age. If you are looking for promotional products then USB drive can be great way to get your company noticed by adding company name and logo to your gifting option. You can also get your company design and logo customized by choosing online companies and local made to order options.